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And the Rocket's Red Glare...

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Dee Snider - Uncle Sam - photo by Mark Weiss

This is a holiday gift from me to you, my friends and followers. I hope you like it. I loved writing it.  Have a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July and let’s all remember what this holiday is all about: our forefather’s struggle for our independence...and our right to blow excrement up! Enjoy!

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Dee Hopes AJ's Death Raises Awareness Of Heart Disease

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Dee Snider Hopes The Death Of The Band's Drummer From Heart Disease Will Encourage More Potential Sufferers To Go To The Doctor.

Courtesy of contactmusic.com

Dee Snider on AJ PeroAJ Pero passed away at the age of 55 in March (15), and his death was subsequently attributed to a heart attack.

Snider later caused controversy by criticising his late friend for failing to acknowledge his family's history of heart disease, insisting Pero "never had himself checked out."

The singer has now defended his comments and declared the tragedy should convince others to take their health more seriously.

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