I know we're all waiting ravenously for the long rumored sequel to the original film, but if you need something to read while you wait, check out this four issue comic book mini-series from FANGORIA COMICS!


A bloodier and even more brutal comic book prequel to the Dee Snider's cult classic film STRANGELAND. SEVEN SINS is a 4 issue "Horror Vengeance" title from FANGORIA COMICS that tells the terrifying tale of how Carleton Hendricks becomes the merciless Captain Howdy, and the sadistic path of revenge he takes against the seven individuals responsible. It's written by Dee's son Jesse Blaze, drawn by artist Stephen Mooney and totally 100% SMF and DEE SNIDER APPROVED!

Issue 1- August 29, 2007
Issue 2- September 26, 2007
Issue 3- October 24, 2007
Issue 4- November 21, 2007

Four issue monthly mini-series, 32pgs, FC, $3.99 US, $5.50 Canadian

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And if you're a horror fan, go check out some of the other excellent releases from FANGORIA COMICS.

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Vote for Howdy!


All right, blood brothers and sisters, we have a fight on our hands and we NEED YOU!!!!!

There's a King of All Monsters Tournament going on over at and our very own Captain Howdy is currently kicking the shit out of Kolchak, but we won't be satisfied by just a normal beating. No, we want Kolchak dead so head on over there, sign up and VOTE FOR HOWDY!!!!

After this round we'll be up against more unworthy opponents, so keep going back to vote for the dear captain and FANGORIA COMICS!!!!

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