Strangeland Soundtrack's in stock again.

This is the ultimate hard rock soundtrack compilation.

Buy it now or be the biggest loser on your block.

Strangeland Soundtrack



Dee Snider / Anton Sanko: Inconclusion
Sevendust: Breathe
Megadeth: A Secret Place
Pantera: Where You Come From
Anthrax: P N V
Snot: Absent
Dayinthelife...: Street Justice
Coal Chamber: Not Living
BILE: In League
Marilyn Manson: Sweet Tooth
Soulfly: Eye for an Eye
Hed(pe): Serpent Boy
Kid Rock: Fuck Off
Clay People: Awake
System of a Down: Marmalade
Nashville Pussy: I'm the Man
Crisis: Captain Howdy
Twisted Sister: Heroes Are Hard to Find

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