Robert Plant Opened for Dee Snider

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Dee Snider - Robert PlantDid you hear about the time that Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant opened for Twisted Sister‘s Dee Snider? It seems implausible, but it actually happened.

We learned this very recently, when Plant called into Snider’s radio show, Dee Snider Radio. The two friends chatted briefly, but Plant’s parting words caused Snider to retell a story that became one of the host’s “Twisted Tales” on exactly what went down.

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The day, according to the New York Times, was April 17, 1998. Snider shares that he had been invited to the wedding of the son of his manager, Phil Carson, who also happened to be a former Atlantic Records executive that used to play with Dusty Springfield and was very involved in the career of Led Zeppelin.

Upon walking into the wedding reception, Snider says that he noted a live band performing. Noticing Plant was also in attendance at the reception, he approached the Zeppelin front-man to see if he had any intention of getting up on stage to which Plant replied that he did not.

Snider adamantly states in the feature that neither he or Plant are big fans of singing at weddings, even though he says that they are often expected to do just that. The two vocalists hatched a plan to potentially “escape” the wedding reception — after making sure everybody noticed they were there — without needing to get on stage to sing. But Snider says that before he knew what happening, Plant was on stage singing ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and two other songs with the band.

Snider says that his manager then approached him to ask if he was in turn going to get up on stage to sing. Remembering that Plant had once told him that he hated hearing his own songs, Snider and the house band launched into the Led Zeppelin classic ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ as a means to jokingly get back at the singer for having broken their agreement. Plant eventually made his way towards the stage and wound up singing the last word — “time” — of the song.

The only North American date currently scheduled for Robert Plant is an April 26 performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. He spends the bulk of June and July touring through Europe before going to Japan for a pair of shows mid-August. In the interview with Snider, Plant reveals that he and the Sensational Space Shifters have a new record due for release this coming September via Nonesuch Records.

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